Competency Enhancement Courses

Competency Enhancement Courses (CECs) are designed to provide specific information on a particular area of ECE practice, which can directly be taken to the classroom. We currently offer the following CECs.

From Zero to Six: A guide to the four domains on child development
A course on the developmental needs and milestones achieved by children from 0 – 6 years old in four areas of development: physical, cognitive (including language), social and emotional. 

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants: ECE practices, their origin and significance in today’s classrooms
A course designed to help participants compare and contrast preschool theories, philosophies and international practices with current practices in India.

Guiding Behaviour: An art or a science?
Explain what developmentally appropriate behaviour looks like in children between the ages of 0 – 6. Set reasonable expectations for behaviour and learning. Use developmentally appropriate behaviour management practices in the classroom.

Teacher as an Architect: Designing effective curriculum and lesson plans
Design responsive curriculum based on the developmental needs of the child. Plan and prepare plans for learning centres, small group and whole group activities. Use developmentally appropriate teaching practices in the classroom.

Observation: The secret ingredient in effective classrooms
Make observations a part of your daily routine. Use observation as a tool to understand their students, and also inform curriculum design.

It Takes Two: Building Home-School Partnerships
Create true partnerships with parents, ensuring buy-in regarding the school philosophy and practices. Create an ongoing communication plan and prepare to communicate problems with parents.

An ECE Special Education Primer: The power of being alert and acting early
Become aware of importance of early identification and early interventions, plan simple classroom interventions keeping different areas of child development in mind.

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